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About Dani

Meet Dani Lefrancois: part wilderness child, part road trip aficionado, and full-time photo guide. Hailing from the overly tamed, highly populated area of the Niagara Region in Southern Ontario, Dani's childhood was a blend of summer camps and road trips with mosquito bites and car sickness, but only if she’s reading. She practically grew up with a map in one hand and a camera in the other, ready to explore the world around her and capture nature at every turn.


Her love affair with photography truly sparked on a fateful journey to Cape Breton Island, NS, where the rugged landscapes and salty air whispered secrets only a lens could capture. But it was a wild romp through Banff & Jasper National Parks and through Yukon and Alaska that lit the fire under her tripod, making her realize that snapping shots wasn't just a hobby—it was her calling.


In 2011, Dani packed her bags, bid farewell to the Ontario flatlands, and set up camp in Banff, where the mountains echoed her ambition, and the glacier fed lakes sang her name. With her trusty adventure dog, Tuzo, by her side, they conquered trails, played in rivers, and Dani took more photos of Tuzo pooping in pretty places than she could count.


When Dani's not squeezing as much life out of a photo day as possible from sunset to the night sky to her favourite, sunrise, you'll find her cruising the open road, windows down, music up, and the tallest can of iced tea that she can find within arm's reach. Hiking, driving, knitting and Netflixing, she's a woman of extremes from always on the go or not moving at all.


For the past two decades, Dani's calendar has been a graveyard of missed photo contest submission deadlines, a testament to her eternal optimism and perpetual forgetfulness. She's watched deadlines sail past like ships in the night, waving goodbye to her dreams of fame and fortune, one missed entry form at a time.


But hey, who needs prizes when you've got a camera full of memories and a dog who thinks you're the greatest photographer in the world? For Dani, the real prize lies in the moments she captures, not the awards she misses out on.


As Dani's wild journey continues, she finds the most joy in guiding others around the majestic landscapes of Banff National Park and to exciting new locations around the world. And though her track record with contest deadlines may leave something to be desired, Dani's determination remains unshakable.


Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, Dani knows the true treasures lie in the simple joys—camping under a blanket of stars, hiking to hidden waterfalls, and sharing her passion for the landscape with anyone who will listen. So, as Dani Lefrancois blazes her trail through life, camera in hand and Tuzo by her side, one thing's for certain—wherever Dani goes, laughter, love, and endless possibilities are sure to follow.


2012 - National Geographic Photo Contest - Editor's Pick - "Mountain Paradise"

2012 - Exposure Photography Festival - Emerging Photographer - Top 10

2012 - Rocky Mountain Outlook - Newspaper - Photo Journalism - Tractor Fell Into Lake Louise - CLICK HERE

2014 - Photo Cascadia - Female Photographers Who Inspire

2014 - Reddit Front Page - September 15, 2014 - "Winter's Approach"

2014 - Landscape Photography Magazine - December 2014 - Cover Photo - Issue 46

2014 - Digital Photographers - Issue 145 - Page 35

2015 - Nature Photo Guides - Women Landscape & Nature Photographers Who Inspire - CLICK HERE

2015 - Light & Landscape Magazine - Issue 14 - Feature Artist

2017 - Fstoppers - Photo Of The Day - January 9th, 2017 - "Follow The Green Rock Road"

2017 -  #16 of Twitter Top 25 for May 25, 2017 - "Winter's Approach"

2017 - F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Matt Payne - Episode 23 - CLICK HERELISTEN HERE

2018 - PhotoEd Magazine Feature - Winter 2017/18 Edition - READ HERE

2018 - Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine Feature- Winter 2018 - Print and Web Feature - READ HERE

2018 - PhotographyTalk - Inspirational Photo Of The Day - CLICK HERE

2018 - PhotographyTalk - Feature Article - "10 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Landscape Photography" - CLICK HERE

2018 - Light & Landscape Magazine - Issue 40 - "Catching up with Dani Lefrançois" 

2018 - On Your Doorstep Magazine - Issue 7 - Page 70 - "Pushing The Limits" (written article by Dani)

2020 - Iceland Photo Tours - Interview - CLICK HERE

2020 - IN FOCUS WOMEN - Interview - CLICK HERE

2022 - Joined f-stop Pathfinder Ambassador Program

2023 - Podcast with N.Alexander Otto - LISTEN HERE

2023 - NatureTTL article - 10 Best Places in Banff National Park for Landscape Photography - READ HERE

2023 - PhotoED Magazine Landscape Collab with Tamron Americas - READ HERE

2024 - Learn Photography Podcast - Episode 39 - LISTEN HERE

2024 - NatureTTL article - 10 Best Places for Landscape Photography in British Columbia - READ HERE


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